Pull a part near me salvage yards for salvage auto parts

This is a question we are asked quite often: do salvage yards guarantee their used auto parts?

Our answer is always the same: the reputable ones do; the ones you should stay away from don’t!

We are All Import Auto Parts and yes, we guarantee our used car parts and used auto body parts. Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.

What kind of guarantee should you expect?

There are literally thousands of salvage yards in the United States, and there really is not an industry standard regarding guarantees.  What we can tell you is what we do at All Import Auto Parts, and then you can compare that to other guarantees you hear about at other salvage yards.

At All Import Auto Parts, we test every part we sell to make sure it is working properly, and then once we sell that part, it comes with a 90-day warranty.  That means that any time during those ninety days, you can return that used part for a replacement or your cash back. This is our warranty information from our website:

Standard 90 day warranty*


  • All parts sold are offered with our standard 90 Day Warranty. We also have available extended 6 month, One-Year, 2-Year, 5-Year, and Lifetime Warranties. You will have the option to select the extended warranty terms upon purchasing your used part.
  • All parts are guaranteed, including electrical parts.
  • We have a “No-Hassle” return policy, if the part doesn’t fix your problem, we’ll gladly take it back within the warranty period!


Warranty periods begin at date of purchase. If one of our parts fails, contact us and we will arrange for a refund, repair or replacement of the defective part. We can also assist in finding quality repairers all across the United States if necessary. We will arrange shipping as well.


What about other salvage yards?

Shop around is our best advice. Some wrecking yards give a 30-day warranty, some a 60-day warranty, and a few offer a 90-day warranty like we do.  A very small percentage of salvage yards give no warranty at all, in which case we say to you “Buyer Beware!”  In our opinion, any salvage yard unwilling to give a warranty on their parts is not a salvage yard you should be dealing with.

What should you do if there is no warranty offered?

In our opinion, walk away and do not deal with any salvage yard unwilling to offer a warranty, but that leaves you with this problem: where do you find the used part you need?

And the answer is online!  Many salvage yards can do a parts search for you, online, and find the part you need, and have that part sent to you within a few days.  It’s an easy process.  Yes, you will pay a slight fee for shipping, but you will also be receiving a quality used part you can rely on, from a reputable dealer you can rely on. We think it’s worth the slight shipping fee, don’t you?

All Import Auto Parts – serving the Greater Fort Worth metro area for over thirty years. That kind of longevity in business only happens if you provide great customer service and only if you sell a quality product, and we do both. Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.