Should you purchase used auto body parts?

This article will answer that question.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth Megaplex for thirty years, and we know a thing  about used auto parts. Call us for more answers to your questions, or if you want us to find any used auto body parts for your vehicle.

Let’s look at three factors to consider when purchasing used auto body parts:

  • Saving money
  • High-quality
  • Environmental choice

Used auto body parts is a smart buy for saving money

Let’s say you get into a fender-bender in the shopping mall parking lot.  You now need a replacement fender because, of course, the guy who backed into your vehicle didn’t have insurance.

You call around auto parts stores and you find that a new replacement fender is going to cost you $250.


You then call your local salvage yards and find that a used, replacement fender, perfect condition, will cost you $150.

Which sounds better to you?  Of course you’ll have to install the fender on your vehicle if you buy a used replacement part, but that is a half-hour process, and a half-hour is a small price to pay for a $75 savings.

A side-panel for your Toyota? A hood for your Nissan?  A trunk for your BMW?  You name the body part and we can pretty much guarantee you will save, on average, 40% by purchasing used auto body parts at wrecking yards.

Used auto body parts is a smart buy for quality

We know, we know, we hear it all the time. Customers will always ask “Can I count on the used body part to be of high-quality?  And our answer is always the same: we stake our reputation on it.

At All Import Auto Parts, we only sell high-quality replacement parts. All of our used car parts are given an inspection before the sale, and all of our used auto parts come with a 90-day warranty.

How can you go wrong?

Used auto body parts is an environmentally-wise choice

Every single time you purchased used auto body parts you are doing a favor for the environment. Purchasing a used car part means less mining for new natural resources. It means less energy necessary to produce new car parts. It means less energy in shipping new auto parts to your location. Anyway you cut it, purchasing used is doing the world a favor, and during these environmentally-conscious times, this is a way for you to help Mother Earth and save money at the same time.

A win-win situation!

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Family owned and operated for over thirty years. That kind of longevity only happens when the company offers high-quality product and friendly, helpful service, and those two qualities perfectly sum up All Import Auto Parts.

Call us and tell us what you need.  If we don’t have it on our salvage yards lot, we will find it somewhere in the United States and have it shipped to our lot for pick-up.  You save money, you buy quality, and you keep the business local while helping the environment.

All Import Auto Parts is a no-brainer!