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Salvage yards are not all the same.  Some offer excellent values. Some offer excellent products. And some offer excellent guarantees.  This article will tell you how to get the best value the next time you shop for quality used auto parts and outstanding used auto body parts at your local salvage yard.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us for all of your used car parts needs.

Let’s talk about good values

Good values in used salvage parts can be discussed regarding price and quality. Let’s look at each of these in some detail.

Good price value

The industry standard regarding parts discounts at salvage yards is approximately 40%.  That discount will vary from city to city, and it will vary regarding particular parts, but on the whole, you should expect about a 40% discount when buying used car parts at wrecking yards.

In addition, most quality, established salvage yards will have monthly specials. One month it may be an additional 20% off on used engines. The next month it might be a discount on tires or fuel pumps or brakes. The point is this: if you are patient, and if you are not in an immediate need for a particular used part, a discerning buyer can find great value in being patient and purchasing parts when they come on sale. Even if you don’t need that part at that particular time, you will need it eventually.

The lessons to be gained here: there is great value in patience!

Good quality value

Not all salvage yards are the same regarding quality of the used parts they sell.  In other words, may the buyer beware.

At All Import Auto Parts, we test each used car part we sell. We also offer a 90-day warranty on all parts we sell.  In addition, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we are a respected member of the Automotive Recyclers Association, an honor we take very seriously.

It all adds up to this: when you buy a used auto part from All Import Auto Part, you are purchasing reassurance.  You are purchasing from a company has built a reputation based on quality parts, excellent pricing, and outstanding customer service.  You should expect that from any salvage yard in the United States.  If they don’t give a warranty, find a new salvage yard. If they do not test their products before selling them, find a new salvage yard. And if they have a poor standing with the Better Business Bureau, shop elsewhere.  You deserve the absolute best in such a competitive industry, and the best is easy to find if you do a little research.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, this family owned and operated business has served the people of Fort Worth with distinction. That kind of reputation is important to us, and we will do our best for you each and every time.  Call us for all of your used car parts needs, and ask us about delivery while you have us on the phone.