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Not all car junk yards are the same, and that is an industry fact which you need to pay attention to. With the “health” of your vehicle depending upon the quality of the used car parts, or used truck parts, that you install in it, you really need to know what to look for in car junk yards.

This article will tell you three important qualities to look for in salvage yards.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the good people of Fort Worth, Texas, for over thirty years, and you better believe that kind of longevity counts for something important. Call us the next time you are looking for great value and outstanding quality in used auto parts.

Now, let’s talk about three things you should look for in car junk yards.

Car junk yards should offer great value.

Probably the main reason people shop at salvage yards is to get a good deal, and that good deal should be around 40% discount, based on the industry average and standards.  You may find larger discounts, as most wrecking yards will offer monthly deal/specials, but if you are consistently paying more than that, you might want to start looking for a new place to shop at.

Car junk yards should offer a warranty.

All Import Auto Parts offers a 90-day warranty on all parts we sell.  That is about as good as it gets regarding warranties, no brag, just fact. We want our customers to shop with confidence and, since we test all parts we sell, we are also confident in giving such a good warranty.  Shop around. If your local salvage yard is not willing to give such a warranty on the salvage auto parts they sell, perhaps that means they are not that confident in the product they are peddling.

Salvage yards should be nationally recognized.

Scroll down to the bottom of our “home” website page, and you will find four insignias which are nationally recognized organizations dealing with salvage yards.  We are accredited by all four, and that means we meet stringent standards in order to obtain that accreditation.

When you are looking at salvage yards in your town, look for the national accreditation.  It assures you that the salvage yard is meeting standards which are in place to protect you, the customer.

There you have the Big Three standards we believe are important for all salvage yards to have. Shop around until you find a business which meets those standards. Like we said earlier, we are talking about the life of your vehicle AND your safety, so you need the very best in used auto parts.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

Family owned and operated, All Import Auto Parts has set the standard in Fort Worth for over three decades.  We have to believe our longevity speaks volumes about the products we sell and the customer service we so strongly believe in. Call us and tell us what you need; if we don’t have it, we will find it, and get it to you quickly than the shake of lamb’s tail.