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Today we answer the following question: where to find car parts for sale at the best possible price.

Tough times we are living in right now.  This COVID-19 thing, with the corresponding economic downfall, it has affected almost all of us, right?  We have certainly felt it at All Import Auto Parts; our used car parts business has taken a hit for sure. From business owners to workers to consumers, we are all feeling the effects of this pandemic, and we are likely to continue feeling those effects for a year or more into the future.

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Economically speaking, many are struggling just to pay the bills each month.  Even those with steady jobs are living paycheck to paycheck, and that untenable and a scary place to be.  And one of the main concerns on any employee’s mind is this: what if the car breaks down and it needs to be repaired? How can the average citizen, with limited savings or no savings at all, afford to have the main means of transportation repaired?  Repairs are expensive. Car parts are expensive.

We have a solution, one which required just a smidgeon of creativity.

If your vehicle breaks down, or is in need of a replacement car part, how about you make the repair/replacement yourself?   How about you purchase used auto parts from trusted salvage yards and install those car parts yourself?

This is a time-honored solution, one which has been going on in the U.S. for just about as long as cars have dominated our city streets, but it is also a solution which worries some people, especially those who have no mechanical skills.  Perhaps this article will set your mind at ease if you are one of those people.

First let’s talk about the savings when purchasing used auto parts from salvage yards.

Savings as high as 50% or sometimes higher!

Do we have your attention yet?  Huge savings plus a 90-day warranty!  And all you have to do is take it home and install it yourself to finish off the huge savings.

And this is where many car owners start screaming in fear, for they have no mechanical skills at all.

And we say don’t worry?  Without a doubt you know someone who has car skills. Every neighborhood has a guy who works on cars. Practically every family has a car jockey.  Heck, YouTube has tutorials on any car part replacement you can imagine.  This is the year 2020, the year of DIY out of necessity.  Are you going to let a little skill set deficiency keep you from saving money?

What we are telling you in this article are two things: the cheapest car parts in any city are the used salvage car parts found at the local salvage yard, and installing those parts is not the big problem some people believe it is.  Don’t reject this option outright until you have investigated it and actually seriously considered it.

Many have saved money at salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts, and many will continue to do so.

And you can be one of them

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