Acura is the luxury division of Japanese Import auto maker, Honda Motor Company.  Acura has been sold in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong since 1986. In 2004 it was marketed to Mexico and China in 2006.
Acura was the first Japanese luxury car line to be sold in the United States. At first the Legend and the Integra were the only two models sold. The Integra was a 3 door or 5 door hatchback and the Legend was a V6 sedan.
In 1991 Acura introduced the NSX, a rear wheel drive sports car. The NSX was the first all aluminum production car.

Current Acura models

Discontinued models

MDX (luxury SUV)
RDX (crossover SUV)
RL (mid-size sedan)
TL (mid-size sports sedan)
TSX (compact sports sedan)
CSX (compact sedan) (replacement for the Acura EL, only available in Canada)
ZDX (luxury crossover SUV)

replacement parts for these Acura models are available online
EL (compact sedan, replaced Integra sedan
Integra (sports coupe and sedan, replaced by the RSX and EL)
RSX (sports coupe, discontinued after the 2006 model year)
Legend (luxury sedan and coupe, replaced by the RL)
CL (luxury coupe, discontinued after 2003 model year)
SLX (SUV, replaced by the MDX; available only in the United States)
NSX (exotic coupe) In production until 2005.

The 2015 Acura MDX

Crossover SUVs:  There are a few of them out there, aren’t there?  Luxury crossovers:  not as many but still, a sizeable number to choose from.  Affordable luxury SUVs?  Now we’ve narrowed the list down to very few, and probably at the top of that list is the 2015 Acura MDX. Although the number of luxury…

The History of Acura Motor Company

“Acura.  Precision Crafted Performance.’  The slogan that started it all for Japanese automakers intent on challenging Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the luxury car field. Honda Motor Company unveiled the Acura Legend and Acura Integra in 1986, a full three years before Toyota unveiled the Lexus line, and the results were excellent in the first full…

2013 Acura RDX

If you are looking for a small luxury crossover SUV, the 2013 Acura RDX might be the car for you.  We would love to tell you that it is outstanding in many categories, but that would not be truthful.  What this vehicle is, in fact, is very good in many categories; not outstanding, but certainly…

Acura RL

One of the great values of the Acura RL is how durable it is. Durability in a vehicle is important because the longer you can keep it working, the less money you have to spend on new cars or even replacement parts and trips to the mechanic. However, if your car does need replacement parts…

Acura Parts

The internet has become the best place to find Acura parts because you can shop around for the best prices and also the best parts that are compatible with your vehicle. Saving money on automotive used parts is vital to keeping your car running because as a vehicle gets older, it becomes more expensive to…