Nissan Motor Company is headquartered in Japan. It is one of the largest car manufacturers.
Nissan began in 1933 as the Jidosha Seico Co., Ltd. The following year,they merged with another Japanese manufacturer, and the new company was christened Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.  Nissan initially marketed its vehicles under the Datsun brand, with the first Datsuns being built in 1934. The famous  Datsun 240Z was one of their best sellers.  Datsun was phased out in 1986.
The Nissan VQ engines, of V6 configuration, have been among Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 14 straight years. Nissan is known for producing cars with edgy styling and performance.
Over the years, Nissan has lived up to its reputation for excellence in engineering by playing a pioneering role in many fields of advanced technology. With the aim of improving fuel economy, Nissan has developed a variety of weight-reducing materials, such as high-tensile steel sheet for body panels, and has also created sophisticated engine management systems for controlling combustion. In addition, Nissan has also been a forerunner in developing and using CAD/CAM systems and industrial robots.
Nissan is the leading Japanese Import Car manufacturer. The company’s lineup of vehicles includes sporty coupes, family sedans, minivans, trucks and SUVs. Nissan’s luxury car line, Infiniti produces popular sports cars, sedans and SUVs.
Nissan past and present models include:

Nissan 370Z Nissan Altima Nissan Altima Hybrid Nissan Armada Nissan Cube Nissan Frontier Nissan GT-R Nissan Juke Nissan Leaf Nissan Maxima Nissan Murano Nissan NV2500 Nissan PathfinderNissan Quest Nissan Rogue

Nissan Sentra Nissan Titan Nissan Versa Nissan XterraNissan 200SXNissan 240SXNissan 300ZXNissan 350ZNissan AxxessNissan NXNissan PulsarNissan StanzaNissan TruckNissan Van


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