Salvage Yards

Salvage yards for quality recycled auto parts at great savings.

Have you visited any salvage yards lately?

They’ve changed a bit since the old days when we were kids and we tagged along with our dads as they searched for a used bumper for the old ’59 Chevy.

Let’s talk about modern salvage yards, shall we?  We are All Import Auto Parts, and we offer quality salvage parts for domestic and import autos. Let us share a few items of information about salvage yards in the 21st Century.

Back in the good old days of salvage yards

Well, back in the good old days, one would drive around town, from salvage yard to salvage yard, and walk among the cars sitting in the yard, trying to find the used auto parts you were looking for.  The owner of the salvage parts yard may or may not know what he had on the lot.  His inventory was handwritten and not always updated.  And if he didn’t have what you wanted, he had no idea where to send you for those used car parts.  Quite frankly it was a crapshoot for anyone in need of a used auto part.

The good present-day of salvage parts

Today inventories are computerized.  That means the manager of a salvage yard knows exactly what is on his lot at any given moment of any given day.  Also, because of the internet, if he doesn’t have what you need, he can find it among any salvage yard across the country and have it sent to you within days.  The guesswork has been eliminated. The footwork has been eliminated.  With a few keystrokes you can find exactly what you want in used car parts from the comfort of your living room.

Quality is guaranteed.

Another major change today is that most reputable salvage yards will have some sort of guarantee.  At All Import Auto Parts we have a 90-day auto parts warranty (guarantee) which means you can shop with confidence for any part you buy from us.  You should expect nothing less from any salvage yard in your area.

Junkyard car parts need not be risky

The year is 2020. The old days are gone.  The competition is fierce in the salvage yard business.  People are conscious about recycling and reusing, and buying new is looked down upon.  Anyone looking for junkyard car parts can rest assured that reliable parts are available at a good price with a good warranty.  Just call All Import, your local salvage yard, or use our online parts search to find the part you need.  Let the computer do the work.  You can literally have your used car part delivered to your local junkyard within days.  No more roaming among rusted out cars, tools in hand, looking for what you need.  That information might disappoint your grandpa, but it’s for the best.

What to expect from All Import Auto Parts

What can you expect from us? A completely computerized system which guarantees the part you need will be found at a reasonable price.  We give a warranty with every car part so you are buying used with confidence.  We have been a trusted member of the Fort Worth business community for a long, long time now, and we make that claim because we ARE trusted and valued.

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