It’s a funny thing, but most people, when they hear “used auto parts online,” they think of some guy parting out his 2005 Toyota on Craigslist. They never think of the most obvious option, that the best places to purchase used car parts is from the local salvage yards, and almost all salvage yards have an online presence.

2020, the Year of Covid, increased awareness for this fact. Suddenly, in 2020, people weren’t able to go to their local salvage yard, and they found out that actually visiting the salvage yard wasn’t necessary.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area, and in this article, we are doing to walk you through the process of purchasing used auto parts or used auto body parts online. Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.

It begins with your needs

Money is always a need.  90% of the time, someone shops for used car parts or used truck parts because they are tryng to save money. They have a ten-year old Toyota Corolla, it needs a fuel pump, and the owner can’t afford a couple hundred bucks for a new pump, so they go to their local salvage yard in the hopes that they will have the exact pump needed.

Perhaps the customer is environmentally aware that new car parts means more mining, bad for the environment, so they want used parts to save on resources.

Whatever the reason, they call their local salvage yard.

You then make a phone call

We pick up the phone at All Import Auto Parts and we ask you what you need, at which point we either tell you we have what you need, or we tell you we can get what you need, which takes us to the next step in the process.

We then do a search nationwide

Chances are excellent we will not have the exact used part you need. Realistically, it is impossible for any salvage yard in any city in America to have all the parts for all of the makes and models of cars on the road, but almost all of us have a computer program which allows us to search the salvage yards nationwide to find the part you need. This whole search process takes a matter of minutes, and thank the gods for technology because this is great news for you.  Somewhere in the United States is the car part you need, and by golly we can find it.

And the part is shipped to either our location or your home

We then tell that distant salvage yard owner to ship that used part, the one you need, to All Import Auto Parts or to your home for an extra fee.  The whole process is quick, it is easy, and it is reliable – and we guarantee it by giving you a 90-day warranty on every used salvage part you purchase from All Import Auto Parts.

About All Import Auto Parts

Family owned and operated for over thirty years. Think about that: for over three decades the people of Fort Worth have turned to us when they needed used auto parts. That kind of longevity in business can only happen if you are providing quality product and friendly service.

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