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What is a pick a part junkyard?  It is the same as a you pull it junkyard, or a u pick up pull junkyard. All of those terms mean the same thing, and we will take a look at the specifics of those salvage yards in this article.

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Now, let’s talk about the difference between a pick a part junkyard and standard salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts.

The nature of a pick a part junkyard

So, what is a pick a part junkyard? The answer to that question is in the name.  If you need a fuel pump for your Toyota Camry, and you go to a pick a part junkyard for that part, you will need to bring your tools, because you actually pull the part you need from a Toyota Camry on their lot.

And what if they do not have a Toyota Camry on their lot?  In that case, the part will have to be ordered from another salvage yard, and shipped to your local pick a part junkyard.

Why shop at such a junkyard?  Price is the main reason. Generally speaking, if you do the work of pulling a part, you will pay less for that part than at a traditional salvage yard. We say “generally speaking” because that is not a truism for the entire country.

The nature of other salvage yards which are not a pick a part junkyard

Traditional salvage yards have a staff onsite to pull the part for you. Yes, in most cases, you will pay a slight premium for that labor, but for many car owners it is worth the cost.  And, if that salvage yard does not have what you want, like the pick a part junkyard, that part is ordered from another salvage yard and shipped to you.

Which is better?

We cannot answer this question without showing a bit of our bias towards traditional salvage yards.  Are the extra savings worth the labor to you?  Do you really enjoy getting in there, getting dirty, and pulling parts? If so, a pick a part junkyard is for you.  If you enjoy the ease of having someone else do the labor for you, the traditional model of a salvage yard, like All Impot Auto Parts, is for you.  The overall statistics are overwhelmingly in the traditional salvage yard corner; the number of pick a part junkyards is diminishing in this country, as people seem to favor customer service and ease of purchase over getting dirty and expending physical effort.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is a family owned operation, and we have been serving the residents of Fort Worth and Tarrant County for over thirty years now.  Without blowing our own horn too much, that kind of longevity in a competitive industry speaks volumes about our friendly service and customer loyalty.

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