savings galore at salvage yards

If you are confused by the term “u pull it inventory,” or u pull a part, this article will help to clarify it for you.  It is a term used quite often in the “used car parts” industry, and that just happens to be the industry we excel in.

We are All Import Auto Parts, leading the way in the Fort Worth Metro area in the sale of used auto parts and used truck parts. For over thirty years we have been the trusted name in salvage yards. Call us, tell us what you need, and then turn us loose to do our job . . . for you.

What is u pull it inventory?

U pull it inventory refers to the inventory you will find in a You Pull It salvage yard.  As you may or may not know, all salvage yards in this country, at one time, were you pull it salvage yards, meaning the customers went to the salvage yards carrying their tools, and they pulled the parts from wrecked cars and purchased them at a considerable discount.  It was done that way in 1910, and it is still done, at a much smaller scale, today in the few you pull it salvage yards in this country.

Why is u pull it inventory so limited?

The problem with you pull it salvage yards is twofold. First, it is impossible to carry all makes and models of vehicles produced in the last, say, fifty years. This was a workable business model back when there were only ten or fifteen makes of vehicles being produced.  It is not workable now that the year, make, and model of vehicles made in the last fifty years is easily approaching one thousand. There is not a salvage yard anywhere which is large enough to handle that type of inventory.

Secondly, this is a dangerous way to run a business, and the insurance companies recognized that fact and began charging exorbitant prices for liability insurance, so exorbitant that salvage yards could not afford to remain you pull it salvage yards.

We have a better way.

Those two problems/restrictions led to today’s salvage yards, where inventories from across the country are found in a computer app, allowing each salvage yard employee to find whatever part is needed by a customer; it then becomes a simple matter of having that part shipped to the city where the customer lives.

Are the savings as good as they once were with u pull it salvage yards? Actually, yes, in the 40% range.  Just as important, this is a convenient way to do business, and must less dangerous.

A final word about All import Auto Parts.

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has been serving the good people of Fort Worth.  We are now selling used car parts to the children of the people who were once our first customers. Two generations of car owners, all turning to us for their used car parts needs. We think that speaks volumes about the job we do in this community.  Call us and put us to work for you.  Two generations of Fort Worth residents can’t all be wrong.