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What is U Pull A Part?  We are going to tell you in this article, presented to you by All Import Auto Parts, leaders in used car parts and used truck parts in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us the next time you have a car repair project and you need the perfect car part at a price you can afford.

Okay, then, let’s talk about U Pull A Part

What is U Pull A Part?

U Pull A Part refers to salvage yards where you, the customer, come in, roam around the wrecking yard, find the part you are looking for, and remove that part from the car body.  You actually bring your tools, remove the needed parts, and pay for it.

For years, salvage yards across the country used this pick-a-part method of selling used auto parts.  Their numbers are dwindling today, however, and the main reason for that decline is one of insurance.  Customers can get hurt walking about rusted car bodies, and customers can get hurt removing parts from car bodies.  Insurance companies grow weary of paying claims for injuries; thus, we are seeing a decline in this business model.

How can you benefit from U Pull A Part?

The primary benefit of shopping at a U Pull A Part salvage yard is that the car part you purchase will be greatly discounted in price.  You did the work, and you reap the price benefit, oftentimes a discount of more than 50%, a meaningful savings for people on a tight budget looking for a great deal.  You Pull It salvage yards are a dream come true for the DIY crowd who don’t mind getting dirty to save some money.

An alternative to the You Pull It Junkyard

The trend today, among salvage yards, is to scrap the do-it-yourself method of extracting car parts, in favor of the salvage yard employees extracting the used parts.  Customers still receive a discount on the parts, the insurance companies are happy because there is less liability, and the salvage yard employees are happy because they have a job.  It’s a win-win-win situation, and the number of salvage yards is increasing dramatically across the country.

Salvage auto parts still net a savings, to customers, of around 40%, industry-wide.  Many places, like our own All Import Auto Parts, in Fort Worth, offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, giving customers some peace of mind regarding their purchase.  And, the state of the economy, the rising cost of new auto parts, means this method of purchasing car parts is here to stay.

Is it for you?  It really depends on how much you want to save money on car repair, and if you are willing to get dirty doing car repair. The savings are available if you want them, and salvage yards are plentiful if you want to find them locally.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

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