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Auto wrecking yards, at one time, had a rather bad reputation. Those days are gone, as more and more car owners realize just how valuable salvage yards can be and, in this article, we will talk about the specific values salvage yards provide.

We are All Import Auto Parts and yes, in a way, this article is self-serving, because we are one of the leading auto wrecking yards in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us the next time you want to save money on used car parts and used truck parts.

Why did auto wrecking yards have a bad reputation in the past?

The main reason so many people, in the past, had a bad taste in their mouths when wrecking yards were mentioned was because they were unregulated at one time.  Going to a wrecking yard was, at best, a crapshoot.  You never really knew anything about the condition of the used auto parts you were purchasing.  Plus, most salvage yards, fifty years ago, were you pull it salvage yards, meaning the customer actually had to get dirty and work to extract parts from wrecked car bodies. There are even stories, told by grandparents, or rats running through the salvage yards.

Not an attractive memory at all!

What changed about auto wrecking yards reputations?

It was either adopt better practices and standards or die for the salvage yard industry.  A national set of standards were adopted.  Regulations were set in place.  Salvage yards would have to meet certain criteria in order to be recognized by national organizations.  And You Pull It salvage yards slowly went the way of the dinosaur, replaced by retail outlets here trustworthy used parts were sold by friendly, qualified retail employees.

How salvage yards benefit you, the car owner

Do you want to save money on car maintenance?  Salvage yards, industry-wide, sell used auto parts at a 40% discount, and, at reputable dealers, they test all parts before selling them and offer warranties on those parts.  Suddenly, it is no longer like the Wild West for those shopping at a salvage yard, but rather like shopping at a regulated, reputable retail outlet.

Think about when you take a vehicle to a mechanic for repairs. The mechanic charges you upwards of $75 per hour for labor. In addition, you pay for brand-new replacement parts, plus a mark-up on those parts.  Is it any wonder that a simple fuel pump replacement can cost upwards of $500 at a car repair shop?

The average American pays $6,000-$11,0000 annually for car maintenance, and most of that cost is in labor costs and car part mark-up.

Is it any wonder that more and more American car owners are turning to DIY car repair?  It just makes good financial sense to do so, and even if you know nothing about car repair, YouTube solves that problem with videos on every facet of car repair for every make and model of vehicle.

Yes, auto wrecking yards are, indeed, gold mines for car owners today.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is family-owned and operated, and we have been serving the Greater Fort Worth area, with friendly service and outstanding products, for over three decades. Think about that longevity; it only happens if the service is, indeed, outstanding and the products are, indeed, of high quality.