Consider this your primer on auto wrecking yards, brought to you by Fort Worth’s absolute best of the many salvage yards in Tarrant County, All Import Auto Parts. Call us for all of your used car parts needs.

Now, all you need to know about auto wrecking yards.

A rose by any other name is still a rose

Wrecking yards are also known as salvage yards are also known as auto dismantlers, auto junkyards, and auto recycling centers.  Many different names, all meaning the same thing, a place where discarded, wrecked, or donated vehicles are sold, piece by piece by piece, at discounted prices to the buying public.

Salvage yards are of two types, the one known as You Pull It salvage yards, where customers can pull the part they need, or the customer service salvage yards where the salvage yards employee pulls the part the customer needs.  You Pull It salvage yards usually offer, on average, slightly lower prices for the used auto parts, but this is not always the case and there is no industry standard which dictates this.

What happens to the vehicles after all parts are sold off of it?

Once the salvage vehicles are stripped of all parts which can be sold, the remaining frame is then crushed and recycled, sent to centers where the metal is then used to make new car parts.  This is obviously good news for the environment because it means less energy used for mining and less mining in general.

Average savings when shopping at salvage yards

Again, there is no regulatory agency which dictates policies for auto wrecking yards, but research tells us that savings average close to 40% on the purchase of used auto parts and used truck parts, making this a very attractive and affordable venture for DIY car repair people.

Reliability of salvage parts

A good deal is only a good deal if the used car parts can be relied upon.  Companies like our All Import Auto Parts offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold.  Again, there is no industry standard regarding warranties.  Some auto wrecking yards offer no warranties at all.  Some offer cash back on returns. Some offer no cash back but do offer credit to be used at their business.

The reality of it is this: you are purchasing a used auto part at a salvage yard. It is not new and it cannot be expected to have the same span of life as a new car part.  Still, cars and trucks are manufactured with 150,000 miles as a standard for parts effectiveness, so the discounted price quite often gives the customer an excellent deal.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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