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About every twenty years, a new generation of Americans comes along, and among that new generation there is a certain number who know nothing about used auto parts, where to purchase them, why you should purchase them, etc.  And so, for the new generation, this article is for you.

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New generation, this one’s for you!

Where can you purchase used auto parts

You have several options for purchasing used auto parts.  Your first option is to go online. There are quite a few national corporations which sell used parts through their online stores.  It is as simple as filling out a short form, hitting send, finding out how long the shipment will take, paying for it, and waiting for that shipment to arrive.

Your second option is to shop in person for the used parts.  There is a major player in the game, IKQ; you can buy IKQ used parts, in person, if you should live in one of the cities where IKQ has a brick-and-mortar retail location.

Finally, you can shop in person at any of the 55,000 salvage yards sprinkled across this country’s landscape.  If the part you need is not at that salvage yard location, they can find it for you, order it from another salvage yard, and have it shipped to your city.

Which of these methods is the best? Obviously, we are partial to shopping in person, being as we are a salvage yard. We just prefer the face-to-face interaction between employee and customer, and we believe that, once a rapport is established, there is more trust in a personal transaction than there is online with some faceless corporation, but that is purely out opinion and preference.

Will it make any difference regarding price and warranty?  Probably, a little, depending upon the company.  Look for the best warranty possible.  For instance, our location, All Import Auto Parts, gives a 90-day warranty on all used parts, which is an industry-best, and our prices are generally, on average, discounted by at least 40%.  Those standards will at least give you something to compare against.

Why would you purchase used auto parts instead of new?

This is always the major question we are asked, and the first answer is always cost.  Saving 40% on replacement parts is huge during tough economic times.  The DIY movement is alive and well because so many people need to save money on car repairs.

The other major reason is a good deed for the environment. Every used auto part sold means a new auto part which does not have to be manufactured, and that means a savings, for the environment, on energy and raw materials.  In a battle to save the planet, every little bit helps.

Buying used auto parts is not for everyone, but for those who find it to be useful and affordable, the good news is they have many options.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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