Money paid for junker cars at auto salvage yards

Most people know that individuals can sell a car to an auto salvage yard for cash, but they are not aware of the specific steps they need to take in order to do so.  This article should clarify it all for you.

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How much can you expect to receive from the sale?

It is impossible to answer this question. If you have multiple salvage yards in your city, shop around and get the best price. It varies greatly from salvage yard to salvage yard, and there is no industry standard price paid for a damaged vehicle.

You may receive a better price if you try to sell your car online through a site like Craigslist, but there is no guarantee of that happening, and it is quite a bit more hassle to do it this way.

You’ll need a valid proof of ownership

You’ll need a clear, valid title before you can sell your vehicle. It is possible to sell it without a valid title, but it gets quite complicated if that is the case.

After the sale, it is usually your job to notify the State about the sale of your vehicle. This is usually just a matter of filling out one form and filing it with the DMV in your area, but it’s important to make sure this job is completed.

You’ll need valid ID

Driver’s license, military ID, some sort of valid, legal identification proving you are who you claim you are.

Does the vehicle need to be running?

No, your vehicle does not have to be functioning at all in order to sell it to a salvage yard.  Many salvage yards will come get your vehicle and tow it back to their yard for you.

Is it worth doing?

Again, this is up to you!  If you are looking for some spare cash, and you are tired of that rusting hunk of metal sitting in your driveway, this is a nice, easy way to rectify your problem.

Prepare it for transfer

Before you finalize the transaction, make sure you prepare your vehicle for the sale. We are not talking about giving it a good cleaning, but we are talking about inspecting it to make sure you do not leave any valuable in the car. You would be amazed how many people leave cell phones and wallets and important legal documents in the glove box of their car.  Make sure you aren’t one of them.

Selling your car to an auto salvage yard is a simple process, one which can be completed in a matter of a couple hours provided you have the necessary documents.

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