used car parts at salvage yards

There are two ways in which purchasing salvage auto parts save you money; the first, fairly obvious; the second, you may never think about even though it is the biggest chunk of change you will save.

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Salvage auto parts save you money on item cost.

This is the obvious way you save money by purchasing salvage auto parts, to the tune of about 40% nationwide.  Now, you may not be impressed with 40%. After all, it’s just a percentage, and this is just an article.  But, when you consider, that the average car owner will spend over a thousand dollars, each year, just on maintenance, and you add up the years that car owner actually owns a car, we are looking at, conservatively, $500-$1000 per year, just in parts.  And, heaven forbid, you should have a major problem, like a blown engine or the need for a transmission, you are now talking about thousands of dollars in savings.

In an inflationary world, where a simple oil change can run you $100, or where four tires can blow your savings to the tune of $1600, we are talking money in your bank account through shopping at salvage yards.

Saving you money on labor cost.

Oddly, most people do not think about this, but if you are purchasing used auto parts, that also means you are doing the work yourself, and that means no labor costs, easily the biggest expense when you take a vehicle to a car mechanic.

60%, on average, that’s what you are looking at for a trained mechanic, and that is money, again in your bank account, if you adopt a DIY attitude and start doing these repairs yourself.

Do you have the skill to do so? Perhaps right now, no, but YouTube videos can provide you with the instruction to perform a majority of the maintenance and repair tasks on your car or truck.

Add it all together and you have huge savings.

A tough economy calls for tough decisions. If you are serious about saving money, we highly recommend you think about doing it yourself.

And one more thing to consider: the newer the vehicle, the less of a chance that you will be able to work on the computer guidance systems. Those are thing that YouTube cannot help you with.  Our point being you are far better off, in our opinion, owning an older used vehicle than a new one, from a repair standpoint.  Older vehicles can perform for 200,000, 300,000 miles with proper maintenance, and their repair will cost you far less, with you doing the job, than taking your new car to Ford or Nissan or Chevy and having their trained mechanics bleed you dry in repair costs.

Listen, we have nothing against the mechanics of the world. People need to make a living, and the good mechanics are definitely worth the money they charge . . . but . . . these are tough economic times, and we are pro you saving money.

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