salvage auto parts

There are approximately 58,000 salvage yards in the United States selling salvage auto parts to Americans, a healthy number for sure, and an increase in salvage yards over the past ten years. What will that number look like in the post-pandemic world of 2022 and beyond?

Read on for our opinion on that question. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas. Call us for all of your auto replacement parts needs.

Recovery takes time

The good news is this: an economic recovery is happening. The not-so-good news: recovery takes time.

Unemployment is down.  People are returning to work. Disposable income is increasing.  In fact, there are trillions of dollars in savings accounts across this country.  Businesses are opening, taking advantage of the still low interest rates.  Economists are optimistic . . . but . . .

Inflation is rising.  Gas prices are high.  Retail prices on practically every item you could imagine or want are rising.  The supply chain is in gridlock as storage containers sit on ships waiting for unloading and truck shipments.  And then there’s the very real post-pandemic hesitancy which is spreading across this country.  People are just a little gun-shy about their jobs, their money, and the future outlook.  The thinking goes something like this: if it could happen once, it could happen again, and who’s to say when that again will happen?

The DIY trend will continue

That hesitancy to be totally optimistic has led to an increase in the DIY movement.  During the pandemic, more people than ever learned new skills so they did not have to pay for repairs or for creature comforts.  People learned to do it themselves. They discovered that they are fully capable of repairing things around the home and, in an attempt to save money and keep their vehicles running so they could go to work, they learned that they are fully capable of doing 90% of the standard car repairs.

We see no reason to believe that trend will change.  People have learned how to change brakes now, so why would they revert back to old habits and pay someone else to do it for them, especially since they are unsure if they will have a job tomorrow, or unsure and very nervous that a new virus will be discovered and we go through another pandemic?

The DIY car repair movement is alive and well in the United States.

Great deals to be had

Savings, on average, of 40% on used car parts and used truck parts means savings of hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, and those savings will continue into 2022 and beyond.  That is music to a DIYer’s ears.  Salvage yards will flourish in 2022 and beyond, and that means profits for them and huge savings on used auto parts for car owners willing to get some grease on their hands and dig into the engine.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is the premier name when it comes to Fort Worth salvage yards. We are family owned and operated, and we are standing by to save you money. Call us today and tell us what you need.  If we don’t have it, we’ll find it, and ship it to you pronto.