salvage auto parts

The misspelling about salvage yards making cents in a down economy was on purpose, a clever (or not so clever) way for us to make our point about wrecking yards: you can save big money by shopping at them, just as you can save big money by shopping at our salvage yard, All Import Auto Parts. Give us a call for your latest savings on used car parts.

How much money do you save?

We are always asked that question, and we can’t give a definitive answer, because it depends on each part sold.  We can say this: you will save, on average, about 40% on the used auto parts you purchase from All Import Auto Parts.  Do the math and the enormity of that statement will sink in.

If you need to purchase brake shoes for your Nissan, you might pay a couple hundred dollars if you purchase them from an auto parts store.  If you purchase them from a salvage yard, you will pay in the neighborhood of $120.  A fuel pump new, maybe $150.  The same pump, at a salvage yard, around $90.

Those kinds of savings on salvage auto parts add up over the course of a year or two.  Now maybe you have money to burn, but most car owners in the U.S. need to save every penny they can during this economic downturn, and we at All Import Auto Parts are here to help you save those pennies.

How can we charge so little for guaranteed auto parts?

Well, that’s a fair question. We purchase a lot of our salvaged cars at auctions. Some come to us from former owners who can’t afford to pay for the repairs. Some come as a result of auto accidents, their cars declared “totaled” and beyond “repair.”  Our purchase price is low, and we are then able to pass that savings on to you.

We do not have manufacturing costs. We do not have any of the usual costs associated with the production of car parts. We buy low and we sell low, end of story, and we’ve been doing this for decades so obviously we’re doing something right.

Can you trust in used salvage parts?

We give a 90-day warranty with every part we sell at All Import Auto Part. In addition, it has to pass our inspection before we sell it.  Let’s put it this way: we are confident in our used car parts, and obviously our customers are confident as well, because we’ve stayed in business for a long, long time.

Do we have what you need?

Maybe not, but if we don’t have it, we can find it and have it delivered within a matter of a day or two. We just plug into our search app, and we scour the inventories of thousands of salvage yards around the county until we find what you need.  The whole process is computerized and so easy you will be amazed.

Wrap it up in a nice bow

Can you save “cents” at All Import Auto Parts?  Quite a few cents as a matter of fact, and we are standing by to help you with your auto parts needs. Give us a call!