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Sell your vehicle to salvage yards, or try parting it out yourself? Which approach will net you more money? Which approach is the more reasonable?  How do you go about doing either of those?

We will answer those questions in this article by All Import Auto Parts of Fort Worth.  When you want the very best in used auto parts or used truck parts, call All Import Auto Parts, for thirty + years the name Fort Worth car owners have relied upon.

Selling to salvage yards.

For decades, people have been selling their wrecked or non-operational vehicles to salvage yards.  And why not? It’s a quick way to recoup some cash, it takes very little time, and it is guaranteed.

How does it work?  When it comes time to get rid of your old steed, you simply call the local salvage yard, tell them what the make and model of your car is, and ask them what they will give you for it.  If you agree on the price, in most cases they will even come and tow your car away if you are unable to drive it to their lot.  All you need for the transaction is a title of ownership, in most cases.

How much can you expect to make? That really depends upon the make and mode of the car or truck, and how “salvageable” it is.  It is not unusual for a vehicle to sell for a thousand dollars, sometimes a little bit more.  Really poor-quality vehicles might only net you a couple hundred dollars.

Parting out: The alternative to salvage yards.

Parting out is your other option. This involves selling off the individual parts of your vehicle, using social media sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.  People in need of a fuel pump for a Toyota Camry, matching your make and model, will see your ad, come to your place, pull the part from your vehicle, and pay you for it.

Will you make more money using this approach?  Usually, yes!  A catalytic converter, alone, can net you a thousand or more in some cases. Copper wiring can make you good money.  It is entirely possible to make a couple thousand dollars using the parting out approach, but we caution you about the main drawback to this approach: it takes a very long time to part out a vehicle and then, when you have sold off everything you can, you are still left with an empty frame to deal with.

Which is the better approach?

Which is better?  More money can be earned by parting out, if you have the months to spend doing it, but taking the salvage yard approach is neat, easy, and takes practically no time at all.  This is really a personal decision.  If you have time, patience, and a need for more money, parting out is the way to go.  If you are looking for convenience, for sure call salvage yards/wrecking yards.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

For over thirty years, two generations of Fort Worth citizens have trusted All Import Auto Parts to supply them with quality used car parts. Call us today, tell us what you need, and this family owned and operated company will find it for you and sell it at a fair price.  And ask us about our 90-day warranty when you call, an industry-best warranty for your peace of mind.