Despite the fact that we have been in the auto recycling business for over three decades, we are still very much aware that a great many people have no idea what auto recycling really is, or how they can benefit from it. Hopefully, this article will clarify matters regarding salvage yards.

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And now, the ABC’s of auto recycling.

What is auto recycling?

Auto recycling can be looked at as a two-pronged service.  Vehicles which are no longer operable, either because the engine is shot or the body too-heavily damaged, are sold to salvage yards (wrecking yards) where they are “pieced out,” or “parted out.” In other words, their functioning parts are removed from the car or truck and sold at a discount to the public.

In addition, once the vehicles have been completely parted out, the shell remains, and that shell is then taken to a recycling plant where the metals are crushed, melted down, and reused in the manufacturing of new auto parts.

How does auto recycling benefit you?

Again, we have a two-pronged response to this question.  First, when you purchase used car parts, you are purchasing those parts at a huge discount, usually 40% or more shaven off the “new part” price.  Over time, those considerable savings add up, and you will be saving thousands on the maintenance of your vehicle.

Secondly, any recycling which happens is good for the environment. It is estimated that 90% of a vehicle is recycled once its life is over, and that is a remarkable percentage.  In addition, by using the remaining metal in the production of new car parts, less mining occurs and less energy in the production of new parts is used.  This is a win-win for all concerned.

How to choose from so many salvage yards.

If you should decide to try a local salvage yard, and if you live in a reasonably large city, you will soon realize that there are a great many salvage yards in business, 60,000 nationwide at last count.  How do you choose from so many?  We suggest you lean heavily on longevity.  In such a competitive business, the companies which have survived for a great many years are obviously doing something right which the public likes.  Go with experience!  And an added step you can take is to ask local mechanics for recommendations. They know the industry and for sure they have answers for your questions.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

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