auto salvage yards

This will not be your typical article about auto salvage yards. We are not going to talk about the great sale currently happening on used car parts i.e. buy two transmissions for the price of one.  We are not going to talk to you about our 90-day warranty on all used auto parts, or our accreditation with national organizations.  We are, however, going to talk to you about the three greatest values auto salvage yards present to society.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas. Call us for all of your used car parts, and used truck parts, needs.

Value #1: Saving your hard-earned cash during tough economic times

Savings of between 40%-60% on all used salvage auto parts.  That should be music to your ears during these tough economic times.  Who doesn’t want to save money?  And that’s just the savings on the car parts.  You are also saving on labor costs by installing those parts yourself.  Over the course of a year, those savings will, most likely, add up to thousands of dollars.

Let’s see a show of hands. Who doesn’t want to save thousands of dollars each year?

Value #2: Saving the environment one used auto part at a time

The production of new car parts means mining for metals.  It also means the use of energy during the production phase.  When you purchase used car parts, you are saving on the amount of mining, and you are saving energy, a win-win for the environment. And, whatever is not sold as used car parts, is then recycled and used, once again, in the production of new car parts.  Nothing is wasted in the recycling of car parts, and zero waste is, again, a win-win for the environment.  Any day we can keep from adding to landfills is a good day.

Value #3: Auto salvage yards keep the local economy healthy and vibrant

Yes, you can purchase used car parts online, but your money then goes to some national corporation and not to your local community.  Purchasing from local salvage yards is keeping your money in your city, where it will help pay for services like fire and police, where it will help pay for schools, and where it will help pay for road improvements and the like.  Purchasing from local salvage yards, really, is the responsible thing to do for any citizen in any city.  Anytime you can purchase local, anytime we all can purchase local, we should.

So, there you have it, our argument, our three-part argument, for purchasing used auto parts from local salvage yards.  We think it’s a pretty compelling argument, one we hope you will give careful consideration to.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has served the citizens of Fort Worth with quality used auto parts, and has been a leader among the local auto salvage yards in Tarrant County. We are family owned and operated, we offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, and the money we make stays in the Fort Worth community. Call us today for all of your used car parts needs.