used auto parts

We grew up around auto salvage yards; they are second nature to us, so we are always a bit surprised to hear there are people who do not know what salvage yards are.

Let’s clear up the confusion in this article. We are All Import Auto Parts, leading the way in the Greater Fort Worth area with the best darned used auto parts and used truck parts available in Tarrant County. Call us the next time you want to save money on quality used car parts.

What are auto salvage yards?

Auto salvage yards, or salvage yards, sometimes called wrecking yards, are places where wrecked vehicles, or vehicles which are not running, are sold off piece by piece to customers looking for quality used auto parts.  For example, a customer is looking for wheels for a ’99 GMC Savana, but doesn’t want to pay $500 for new ones at the local Customer Auto Parts store.  That customer would go to a local salvage yard, tell then what they are looking for, and either purchase what is available, on the lot, or have wheels shipped from some other salvage yard in another city.

There are two basic types of salvage yards. There are You Pull It, where the customer goes to the salvage yard, with tools, and extracts the parts they need from the vehicles in the salvage yard. And there are the full-service salvage yards, where the yard employees remove the parts being purchased.

The benefits of auto salvage yards are many.

The main benefits is to the customer in terms of saving money. Savings on used auto parts averages around 40% compared to new car parts.  Are they reliable? At All Import Auto Parts, we guarantee every part we sell for 90-days, meaning great savings and purchasing with confidence.

The other major benefit is to the environment.  Purchasing used auto parts mean less mining, and less mining means less damage to Mother Earth.  Even those parts which are not sold at salvage yards are used; they are reused in the production of new car parts, again saving on mining and the use of energy.

Saving money and saving the environment . . . those are two pretty good reasons to try your local salvage yard.

The alternative is always available to you.

We completely understand that this may not be for you. You may have no interest in doing car repair, and you may love knowing that only new car parts are in your vehicle.  Rest assured, there will always be car parts stores where you can purchase new parts.  Salvage yards are not going to dominate the scene anytime soon, if at all; however, they do provide a great alternative for those who love DIY projects, and those who love to save money.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated. In fact, our family has owned this business for over thirty years, and we believe that kind of longevity in a competitive industry speaks volumes about our customer service and customer satisfaction. Call us today and put us to work for you.