how to find the best price on car auto parts

In a country which currently has over 60,000 salvage yards, where can you find the best, most-reliable salvage auto parts at the best price?

We answer that question in this article. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years. Call us for all of your salvage auto parts needs.

Now, though, let’s talk about your specific needs in the city you are currently residing in.

What makes “the best salvage auto parts?”

Listen, and this is coming from a salvage yard company which has been in business for over three decades, but this concept of “best salvage auto parts” is a bit of an advertising gimmick. We would be amazed if there was even one salvage yard in America which did not claim to carry the best salvage auto parts.

The truth is, salvage auto parts are used auto parts. They have some mileage on them, oftentimes tens-of-thousands of miles on them, and that means they carry some risk with them.  A fuel pump which has fifty-thousand miles on it is, at best, a risky purchase, but people know that because they are trying to save money on DIY car repair projects.  That is the nature of salvage yards. That is the nature of DIY car repair.

For the protection of the customer, however, there are diagnostic tests which can be run on any used car part, and reputable wrecking yards, like All Import Auto Parts, will run those diagnostic tests on parts they sell, so at the very least the customer knows they are purchasing a discounted item which is operable and usable.

Is “best used auto parts” based on price?

Again, truthfully, most salvage yards offer prices at a 40%-50% discount, so basing a judgement on price is difficult. In an economic system based on supply and demand, competition will keep the prices fairly standard across the board.  A used fuel pump, or used brake pads, or a used transmission will cost pretty much the same from one salvage yard to another, in California or in Maine. Sure, there will be slight discrepancies in price, several dollars give or take, but for the most part, prices are fairly standard in this industry.

Having said that, determining the “best salvage auto parts” on price seems, to us, to be a fool’s errand.

How can the average citizen really know about used car parts?

It seems to us, then, the only way to determine the best salvage auto parts is to determine the best salvage yard in your area.  Who gives the best customers service? Who stands behind their products with a warranty? Who has a buy-back policy?  Who does everything they can to provide what you need at a price you can afford?  And who is well-respected in the business community?

Find a salvage yard which checks off all of those boxes and, in our opinion, they will be selling the “best salvage auto parts” in your city.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

In Fort Worth, hands-down, the best salvage auto parts are found at All Import Auto Parts, but don’t take our word for it. Ask any of the tens-of-thousands of customers who have trusted us over the last thirty years. We are a family owned and operated salvage yard, and from our family to yours, we will work hard to gain your trust. Call us and tell us what you need in used car parts.