Chances are good that there are car salvage yards in your city. Have you ever visited one? Do you even know what they are all about? This article should give you the information you need about finding quality used auto parts at low prices in salvage yards, while at the same time helping the environment.

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What are car salvage yards?

Car salvage yards are where good cars, and trucks, go to be reborn.

Cars which are “totaled” in car accidents go to salvage yards. Cars which are put up for auction go to salvage yards. Cars seized by law enforcement go to salvage yards.  Cars which do not run and are donated by private individuals go to salvage wrecking yards.

Two types of salvage yards

There are two types of salvage yards in the United States, the “you pull it” salvage yards, where you, the customer, walk through the salvage yards and actually remove the needed parts from the car body, and the full-service salvage yards, where yard workers pull the part for you.  “You pull it:” salvage yards usually, but not always, have slightly lower prices than their counterparts.

Great prices for DIY car owners

Savings, on average, of forty-percent or more are found at wrecking yards (salvage yards).  Spread out over five years, those kinds of savings can totally thousands of dollars, provided you are a DIY kind of guy or gal, and that explains the surge in popularity of car salvage yards across the United States.

And what if you don’t know how to do car repairs?  Welcome to YouTube, and we don’t say that facetiously.  Most car repairs can be learned on by watching YouTube videos. We kid you not.  Most car repair is not difficult.  It’s just that most people never learned how to do it as kids.  With the right tools, most people are capable of replacing brakes or a fuel pump or a gas tank.

Warranties available from topnotch salvage yards

Are car salvage parts reliable?  All Import Auto Parts gives a 90-day warranty with every single part sold at our business. That is as good a warranty as you will find in the salvage industry.  Great savings plus a guaranteed ninety days of good use, those are the benefits people flock to when shopping at salvage yards.

Helping the environment

Every used car part or any used truck parts sold is a new part which will not be manufactured, and that means a savings on energy and it means less mining for new metals for new car parts.  We have it on good authority that Mother Nature loves salvage yards, and you should too.

Car salvage yards are the real deal for those interested in saving money and helping the environment.  Go online now and find the salvage yards near you.

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