Car scrap yard, another term for salvage yards, is really a very misleading description.  A scrap yard is generally considered a place where non-functioning vehicles are torn apart, crunched down, and sold off for the metal in a massive recycling procedure.

The truth is far from that; a car scrap yard is really a place where resurrections occur, where vehicles rendered non-functioning can breathe new life into ailing vehicles, and where car owners can find great values on very serviceable used car parts.  Yes, when all the parts are sold, and there is nothing left but the frame, that car then turns into scrap, but that doesn’t happen until the very end of the process.

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Now, let’s talk about those wrecking yards.

A great place for DIY enthusiasts

The growing DIY crowd embrace salvage yards, and why not? With savings on car parts averaging 40%, it is easy to see why salvage yards (wrecking yards) have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few decades.  Are the salvage parts new? No, but many of them come off of relatively new vehicles, and most of them still have tens-of-thousands of miles left in them.  All you need is the desire to learn, and the determination to get the job done in order to save money.

Is the DIY thing for everyone? Certainly not! There will always be the auto parts stores for those who believe in purchasing new parts right out of the factory.  But for those who want to save money, and who aren’t afraid of a little elbow grease, salvage yards provide a great alternative.

Saving energy and the environment, one part at a time

Every used car part purchased is a new car part that does not have to be manufactured. Every scrapped car sold to a recycling part represents a savings on the energy it takes for factories to mine new metals and turn that metal into new car parts.

In the year 2021, when seemingly everyone is concerned with the environment, and climate change, is it any wonder that salvage yards have become so popular? Any business which uses less energy, and which promotes less mining, has got to be a good business, right?

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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