The History of the Automobile Braking System

It’s been over one-hundred years since the automobile burst upon the transportation scene and pushed the horse aside.  Since that time the advancements have really be astounding.  In less than a century we have gone from one horsepower to several hundred in the average vehicle to five-or-six hundred in the serious performance engines. 

Whenever someone buys a vehicle, one of the first questions they ask is how many horses does the engine have? Speed and power are always first considerations, but with that power and speed comes another serious consideration….what about the stopping power?  What about the brakes?

How to Install Brake Pads

One of the most common maintenance jobs that a car owner faces, other than normal maintenance like oil changes and tire changing, is changing the brake pads.  For those who do a great amount of stop and go driving, it is quite normal for your brake pads to wear down every few years.  Knowing how to replace those brake pads will save you quite a bit of money over the years, and it is a simple maintenance job.

Car Brake Parts and How They Work

For those of you who are novices when it comes to car repair, car brakes are a bit more complicated than the brakes on bicycles, but they work on the same principle.  Something is pushed against the wheel to make your vehicle slow down.  That’s the easy explanation.  The process by which it happens is…

Brake Maintenance Suggestions

Yes, now is the time to do a maintenance checkup on your car; as winter approaches we want that car running perfectly, right?  Part of any maintenance checkup is the checking of the braking system.  This would include checking the brake pedal, brake fluid level, hoses, lines, and wheel brake assemblies.  The whole brake checkup…

Brakes Need To Be Attended To For Safety

Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the brake system in your vehicle, one of the most important systems in your vehicle but one many people do not understand. A little basic knowledge about the brake system, or any car parts system, will go a long way towards being able to spot problems should they occur,…