The Average Cost of a Car Transmission Replacement

What does the average transmission replacement job cost in the United States?

Just asking that question is painful, right?  Two phrases have the ability to strike paralyzing fear in most car-owners, and those are transmission replacement and engine replacement.  Most car-owners figure they can pay for most replacement jobs, or they can do them themselves, but the transmission and the engine are huge jobs calling for specialized knowledge, and that means paying through the nose to have the job done by a certified mechanic.

Transmission Maintenance Tips

Mention the words “transmission problems” to the average car owner and they will instantly break out in a cold sweat and start convulsing.

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is close to the truth, and that is because the transmission is a mystery to most vehicle owners.  There are some maintenance jobs that practically anyone can fix, and then there is the transmission.  Those babies are complicated, and that means, in most instances, having a mechanic work on them, and that means….big bucks in repair bills.

How Do Manual Transmissions Work?

Statistics recently came out saying that about 90% of cars produced for America now have automatic transmissions.  Just a matter of convenience for the American buying public evidently, because still, after all these years, the manual transmission is more fuel efficient and yes, more fun to drive. So this article is for the 10% out…