Getting to know the fundamentals of your vehicle’s air conditioner system can save you all kinds of money and discomfort. The AC air conditioning system is essentially a refrigerator designed to move heat from one place (your car’s interior) to another place (outside).
This procedure involves various car AC parts, including the car compressor, the evaporator, the refrigerant, the receiver/dryer and the air conditioner hose.
The car compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, or Freon, and propels it to the condensing coils located in front of the radiator. Condensing a gas creates an enormous amount of heat, which is where the condenser comes in. It transforms the refrigerant from gas to liquid and ejects the heat taken out of the car. As the Freon is chilled to its dissemination level, it is transformed from a gas back into a liquid. The liquid moves through the air conditioner hose to the evaporator – the coils in your vehicle – where the pressure added to it by the car compressor is lost. As it cools the remaining liquid, it becomes a low-pressure gas. This concoction moves through the evaporator, and the refrigerant’s liquid consumes the heat from the air crossing the coil and dissolves. The blower pushes air across the chilly evaporator and into the vehicle. The refrigerant goes continually cycles so you remain cool even if it’s sizzling outside.
The entire process can break down if each and every AC part doesn’t work together correctly. If the evaporator drops to a temperature that’s too low, it can freeze up and halt the system before it reheats. This, and many other matters, can arise with the car compressor system. Getting a good perception of a car’s air conditioner system will help you maintain it better. That, in turn, will allow you to continue enjoying the chilly, fresh air blowing into the vehicle’s interior.
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