The United States Department of Transportation has determined that auto radiator malfunction is the top reason for vehicles stalling on our highways. There is a seemingly endless number of moving parts in a car’s engine. Movement creates friction and where there is friction, there’s going to be heat. The engine block receives quite a bit of lubrication from motor oil, that’s not adequate to manage all of the excessive boiling energy. As a result, even under regular conditions, components in the engine reach incredibly high temperatures.
Liquid coolant travels through the radiator system and into the engine block, where it reaches extremely hot temperatures, then into the car radiator itself, where its heat is lost to the environment. The coolant may be oil, but it’s typically water-based. While the flowing coolant is generally propelled, a fan is also utilized to puff air through the auto radiator.
Your car radiator is one of its most vital components. You aren’t going to go very far unless it’s working properly. To be cool, it needs to be clean. Unfortunately, solid deposits accumulate that can clog the radiator system. Routine maintenance (changing the antifreeze seasonally) and finding a replacement radiator quickly when yours fails is an excellent way to prevent overheating and long-term damage.
No matter how advanced the radiator system you have in your new or used vehicle is, your cooling radiator will ultimately need to be replaced. Corrosion will eventually attack the inside of your car radiator.
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The Trusty Radiator

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