As many different types of doors that are manufactured for numerous cars around the world, there are thousands more door auto parts. There are conventional doors, left front doors, right front doors, suicide doors, scissor doors, butterfly doors, gull-wing doors, sliding doors, canopy doors, etc. In the interest of safety, people should be familiar with the components of a panel door on the car in which they are driving or riding.
Among the most common door auto parts are the door regulator, manual window cranks, car door handles made of metal or plastic, door hinges and door lock cylinders.
A door regulator is a device located inside the door that works with the manual window crank that moves the window up and down. A manual door regulator is a combination of spur gears and connections along with a metal plate to carry the glass.
Door handles, located on the outside and inside of the car, allow the driver and passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. When the handle is pulled, it unfastens the door latch.
Door hinges, positioned there the doors and car body meet, keeps the doors attached to the vehicle’s body. The hinges also allow the doors to open and close.
Door lock cylinders, small metal circular parts located on the outside of the car doors, allow specially made keys to lock and unlock the doors.
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