The Volkswagen Scandal Continues

Volkswagen continues to stagger after it was discovered weeks ago that the giant automaker had installed software on eleven million cars worldwide that would hide their emissions of toxic gasses.  Most of the eleven million cars were sold in Europe, and recently countries are launching their own investigations into this giant scandal.  The investigations are centering on how high up the corporation chain knowledge of this cheating existed and who, specifically, is to blame for these corrupt decisions.

Save Money on VW Transmission Parts

If you are an owner of a Volkswagen, congratulations!  Depending on the year, VW is either one, two or three among the largest automakers in the world.  Add to that the fact that three of the all-time greatest selling cars in history, the Golf, the Beetle and the Passat, were all made by VW, and it becomes rather obvious that any serious car-buyer absolutely must test-drive a Volkswagen before making the buying decision.  It would be irresponsible not to do so.  VWs are that good!

But they are still machines, and machines undergo incredible wear and tear, and anytime mechanical parts that are moving constantly have wear and tear, replacement parts are eventually needed.  Major systems like the Volkswagen engine system, the brake system and the transmission system, all are made up of hundreds of auto parts, and any of those parts can fail at some point in the car’s life.  “Das Auto” is no exception to this rule no matter how good they are at making a car.

Volkswagen of America Shows Slight Sales Increase in January 2015

Following a record year in which practically every sales record imaginable was broken, Volkswagen of America reported a modest sales increase for January 2015. This is not surprising since January is notoriously a slow car-buying month, and the VW sales figures are in line with most of the rest of the car industry.

Leading the way in sales for VW of America was the Golf family.  At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Golf and Golf GTI were named the North American Car of the Year.  The Golf family of vehicles showed sales of 4,199 units for January, an increase of 143% over January 2014.  The Golf family is also expanding with the all-new Golf R which has just been released.

Porsche Announces Record Sales in 2014

Following a global trend set by most of the major car manufacturers, Porsche AG announced the November 2014 was a record year, and, in fact, 2014 was a record-breaking year.

Sales for 2014 have already passed the 169,000 vehicle level, exceeding the 2013 total of 162,145.  This means a growth of fifteen percent over the January to November period of 2013.  November 2014 sales increased by 25 percent over November 2013 sales.

Volkswagen Sales News for 2014

It seems the rich are destined to just get richer. Volkswagen is in a struggle with Toyota to see which giant automaker stands atop the sales list for 2014, and so far the battle is neck-and-neck. Volkswagen just recorded their five-millionth sale of passenger cars for the period from January to October, and that is…