Subaru is a Japan-based car manufacturer whose newer contributions are both fun to drive and convenient. The automaker builds vehicles whose available turbochargers and four-wheel-drive power trains make high performance possible. Surprisingly, nearly all Subaru vehicles are handy and prudent enough to be proficient family haulers, and the product is known for recording some of the best crash-test scores in the auto industry.
In the early 1950s, a group of Japanese businesses united to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Its automotive division came to be known as “Subaru,” a Japanese word meaning “unite.” Subaru’s first automobile rolled off the assembly line in 1954. The P-1, as it was called (and later changed to the 1500), was powered by a four-cylinder engine, contained a wishbone-style, front-wheel independent suspension and was the first Japanese-designed car to feature a “monocoque” body. Although support and funding problems forced Subaruto delay building the 1500, the carmaker quickly turned its situation around. Subaru spawned a partner for its first-born with the 360 in 1958. Although it was called the Ladybug due to its ladybug silhouette, the compact 360 was highly admired and was manufactured for until 1970.
Subarumade a huge splash in the racing world during the 1990s when it became the first Japanese-produced car to claim the Manufacturers’ championship at the World Rally Championship three consecutive years. The Subaru brand continued to develop throughout the 1990s, adding the high-performance SVX, the admired Legacy-based Outback wagon and the athletic Impreza. General Motors acquired a 20-percent stake in parent company Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) during the late 1990s, with the aim of escalating its existence in the overseas marketplace. Toyota, which purchased a modest percentage of FHI several years later, kept this relationship from lasting very long.
These days, the Subaru stable consists of vehicles from family-friendly crossovers to high-performance cars like the WRX STi to compact trucks. Subaru is considered a great choice for fanatics needing vehicles offering kick of excitement with a bit of convenience.

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