auto wrecking yards will give you cash for your wreckedd car.

The term “LKQ Salvage Yard” is a bit misleading.

There actually is no one LKQ location in America.  LKQ Auto Salvage is a large corporation in the U.S. which specializes in aftermarket and used auto parts, and many privately-owned salvage yards partner with LKQ.  Do a quick Google search for LKQ salvage yard, and chances are you will find listings like “Bob’s Salvage Yard” listed under that search cue.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with the best in used auto parts and quality used truck parts. Call us when only the best will do for your auto.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about LKQ salvage yard and LKQ used parts.

LKQ Salvage Yard in the Fort Worth area

Again, do a Google search of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, looking for LKQ auto salvage yards, and you will find quite a few.  They all offer outstanding LKQ used car parts, all offer quality service, and all promise to find whatever used parts you seek, at a great price. They will even purchase your old car or truck from you and, in addition, many of them are “You pull it” salvage yards, meaning you, the customer, can enter their salvage yard and actually pull the part you need, from their wrecked cars, for a discount in price.

They all proudly fly the LKQ flag as members of that multi-state corporation.

The advantages of shopping at LKQ salvage yard

The main advantage in shopping at an LKQ salvage yard is price, and closely following that is the ease of finding the used part you want and need. The only search tool is handy, it is quick, and it delivers.

The alternative salvage yard experience

The alternative wrecking yards experience is to shop with an independent salvage yard dealer like All Import Auto Parts.  To the surprise of many, independent salvage yards have access to thousands of salvage yards across this country, their online search tools are every bit as easy to use, the shipping of those parts is immediate, and the price is often comparable, or better, than that at the LKQ salvage yards.

The one bonus you will find dealing with a local, independent salvage yard, is you will be dealing with an independent owner and staff, rather than dealing with a major corporation, and we believe that makes all the difference.

Is there one better than the other?

Is one better than the other?  We believe places like All Import Auto Parts offer one-on-one, local, friendly customer service, and we do, truly, believe that is what sets us apart from the major corporations.  In addition, every penny made at a local salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts stays in the local economy, rather than being sent to the main headquarters of a corporation in another city.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

It is that local connection which has made All Import Auto Parts a staple in the Fort Worth economy for over thirty years.  Large corporations come and they go, but the backbone of any city will always be the independent, local companies.

Call us for all of your used parts needs.  We may not be as large as the LKQ salvage yard family, but we do everything they do, plus do it with local gratitude and friendly service.