Not to be a downer, but chances are low that you can find an actual Jeep junkyard.  There just aren’t enough Jeeps in any one city to justify a salvage yard which only has Jeep parts.

However, do a Google search for “junkyards near me,” go to that junkyard, ask for used car parts for your Jeep, and chances are excellent that those parts can be found quickly.

That is the nature of wrecking yards. That is the nature of salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts, and in this article we will give you a quick overview of how you can obtain the Jeep used auto parts you need in the city you live in.  Call us for more information. Again, we are All Import Auto Parts, serving the great people of Fort Worth, Texas, for over three decades.

How it all works in a salvage yard

Salvage yard owners obtain their used vehicles in a number of ways. Private citizens will sell their “junkers” to the local salvage yard.  There are vehicle auctions in most cities where people, or salvage yards, can bid on cars which were impounded by the police.  In a country with millions upon millions of vehicles, it is no problem to find discarded cars and trucks which can be “parted out.”

Customers then go to the salvage yard, or conduct an online search, for parts they need for their vehicle. Let’s say you drive a 2010 Jeep Cherokee, and you need a fuel pump for that Jeep.  You are a little short on cash, and you can’t afford to purchase a new fuel pump, which costs over $100 retail.

You go to your local salvage yard and you ask them if they have fuel pump for a 2010 Jeep Cherokee. They check their inventory and either they have it, in which case they will sell it to you on the spot, or they don’t have it.

What if the junkyard doesn’t have what you want?

If they don’t have that specific fuel pump for that specific Cherokee, they will do an online search of other salvage yards around the United States, Once they locate the part you need, they have that part shipped to your home town.

Can you really save money in salvage yards?

Yes, you can, upwards of 40%-50% on used salvage parts, and during these tough economic times, those are some much-appreciated savings.

What kind of guarantee do you have?

We can only speak for our own business, but at All Import Auto Parts, we provide a 90-day warranty on every part we sell at our place of business, and we run a diagnosis test on every part.  Yes, it is a used car part, but it is functioning quite well when we sell it, and we guarantee it for a full three months after we sell it.  Add that to a 40% discount and you begin to see why so many people choose to buy used car parts at wrecking yards.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is a family owned business, a local business, and we have been providing quality used auto parts and used auto body parts to the people of Fort Worth, Texas, for over thirty years.