What could be easier; you go online in search of junkyard auto parts, you choose one of the many junkyard parts locator sites available to you, you type in the information they ask for, they locate the used car parts you want, and they have them shipped to you?

In a convenience society, where an increasingly large amount of shopping is done online, this is simply an extension of our favorite type of shopping.  In most cases it works quite well.  In most cases, the customer receives exactly what they wanted at an agreed-upon price, plus shipping costs.

But there are problems with this approach, and those problems are what we are going to talk about today.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality used auto parts and quality used truck parts for over thirty years. We are not a junkyard parts locator; we are a full-service used car parts dealer. Call us for any used auto part you might need.

The main problem with a junkyard parts locator

The main problem with a junkyard parts locator, from our viewpoint, is that the customer does not know the locator.  There is no one-on-one relationship/bond between customer and business owner.  It is one important reason why All Import Auto Parts has been in the salvage yards business for over thirty years, despite the influx of junkyard parts locators online.  Customers know us. They know we stand by our products, and in Texas, where business transactions are personal, neighbor to neighbor, that bond is crucial to us being in business for so long.

Secondary problems

Is there a warranty on junkyard parts locator parts?  In some cases no, there is not.  And even if there is a warranty, the customer must package up the defective part, ship it back to the locator company, and then wait until a new/used part is shipped to them.

At All Import Auto Parts, we stand behind our products. We offer a 90-day warranty on all of our parts. If one of our parts turns out to be defective, our Fort Worth customers simply bring it back to us and we will replace it.

And now, let’s talk about pricing.  The majority of online, junkyard parts locator companies, do not offer online specials. They are basically a part-finder, nothing more, nothing less.  A part is found, a price is quoted, the shipping cost is added to it, and the online customer decides whether to purchase or not.

At All Import Auto Parts, we are constantly putting our parts on sale. One week it might be 20% off engines; another week you might see a “buy two tires, get two free” sale, or a big discount on windshields or bumpers.  These special deals have turned out to be quite profitable to our customers. I these hard times, saving money is a definite attraction, one you might not realize using an online junkyard parts locator.

Add it all up and the conclusion is clear to most people living in the Fort Worth area: when it comes to used auto parts, All Import Auto Parts is the place to shop.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

The only words you need to concentrate on are “in business over thirty years.” That kind of longevity can only happen a company stands behind their product and delivers time and time again on topnotch customer service.  Call us today; let us be your junkyard parts locator.