You have three choices if you want to sell car for parts: you can sell it on your own to a private party; you can part it out from your home, piece by piece; or you can sell it to one of many salvage yards in your area, like All Import Auto Parts, and let them do the work for you.

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Let’s look at these three options.

Sell to a private party

This is always a viable option. Go on a site like Craigslist, advertise that you have a 2003 Toyota Camry for sale, and sit and wait for the phone calls.  Maybe they will come, maybe they won’t. If they do come, you then arrange to be home for those who want to see your car.  If they are interested, you negotiate a price. If they are not, you repeat this process and hopefully you will be successful in selling the car for the price you want.

Part it out from your home

This may be the best way to see maximum profits, but it is also labor intensive and takes a very long time.  If you have a space on your property to park the car/truck in question, and you are in no hurry to sell it off, this might be an option worth considering.  Plan on this option to take several months, at least.

One word of caution should be noted: chances are excellent that you will not sell off all of the parts of your car, in which case you will still have to arrange to have it towed to a recycler so they can dispose of the body frame and remaining parts.

Sell to salvage yards

With this option, you drive your car, or have it towed, to a place like All Import Auto Parts. We give you a good price for your car, we sell off the used car parts, or used truck parts, and we arrange to have the remaining shell recycled, which means any remaining metal will be used to make new car parts.

For the seller of the vehicle, this is a nice, clean, quick way to make some cash.  For the buyer of the vehicle (the wrecking yards) this is a way to make profit from the hundreds of used auto parts which will come from that one vehicle, and also make money selling the frame to a recycler.

This is a win-win option for both parties.

An honest exchange of information

If you are trying to sell your old car or truck, and you are looking to maximize your profits, the second option listed above is the best option for you, but it is also labor-intensive and it will take a long, long time.

The most convenient option? Sell to a place like All Import Auto Parts.  You will receive a fair price, and the whole transaction will be over within an hour.

Give us a call!  We’ll take that old hunk off your hands and put a smile on your face.