Right out of the chute, we have a problem with the title of this article.  As one of the leading salvage yards in the Fort Worth area, we at All Import Auto Parts rail against the term “ used auto parts junk yards.”

What we sell is in no way “junk!”  We sell quality used auto parts at a price you can afford, and we do it in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. Call us for all of your used car parts needs.

What can you find at salvage yards?

Any replacement part for any domestic or import vehicle can be found at salvage yards.  Any year! Any make! Any model!

And, as soon as we make that claim, someone says “wait a minute! It’s physically impossible for a salvage yard to have billions of used car parts and used truck parts, and that is absolutely true.  It would be impossible for All Import Auto Parts to have, at our physical salvage yard, every part ever made for every car and truck.  But we have the internet, and we have an app which gives us access to the inventories of all the other wrecking yards in the United States, and armed with that tool, we are absolutely certain we can find what you need.  If it exists, we can find it.  Period!

What can you expect to pay for used auto parts?

Used auto parts and used auto body parts will generally sell for about a 40% discount at salvage yards. That figure is, of course, an industry average, and will differ slightly with each salvage yard, but we can confidently use that figure as a point of discussion.  In other words, instead of paying $2000 for a new Toyota engine, you would pay approximately $1200 at a salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts.

Without a doubt, during these tough post-COVID days, savings like that are important for anyone trying to keep their vehicle in good running order, a vehicle they need to get to and from work.

What about the reliability of used auto parts?

At All Import Auto Parts, we give a 90-day warranty with every single used auto part we sell.  No, that’s not a perfect guarantee.  Yes, you are buying used.  But it is the best warranty you will find in the salvage yard industry, and we think it is excellent considering the savings you are receiving.  40% savings and at the very least three months of guaranteed good driving . . . is it any wonder the DIY car repair movement is gaining momentum?

Do we really help the environment?

Yes, salvage yards are excellent for the environment. Whatever parts of the vehicle we don’t sell are then crushed and recycled, used in the making of new car parts, and that means less mining and less use of energy in mining metals for new car parts.  Salvage yards, what some people call wrecking yards or junk yards, are a win-win for everyone concerned, including Mother Nature.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over three decades, All Import Auto Parts has served the good people of Fort Worth. That kind of longevity could only happen if the service is excellent and the product is reliable, and we guarantee both of those things at All Import Auto Parts. Call us today!