Pull a part near me salvage yards for salvage auto parts

A Google search of “auto scrap yards near me” should net you a few options if you live in a city of decent size.  There are, after all, over 60,000 salvage yards in the United States, and the industry is growing because of several factors.  But which one is the best for you to choose?  We will provide you, In this article, with the information you need to make an informed choice of wrecking yards.

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How to choose an auto scrap yard in your area

There are several criteria which should help you to make the right decision in choosing an auto scrap yard.  They are:

  • Prices charged
  • Quality of product sold
  • Helpful service
  • Reputation among the community

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Prices charged

The industry average discount on used auto parts is 40%. That is the overall standard you should see at any salvage yard.  In addition, most reputable salvage yards, like All Import Auto Parts, offer special sales weekly, or monthly, on select auto parts.  All told, the savings can be substantial for a DIY car repair person.

Shop around for the lowest price, but beware that price is not the only criteria in choosing an auto scrap yard.

Quality of product sold

All Import Auto Parts offers a 90=day warranty with every single part sold at their salvage yard.  That is an outstanding warranty, and that is the Gold Standard in the industry.  Ask around about warranties while you shop for a good salvage yard near you.

Helpful auto scrap yard service

Anybody can conduct an online search for used car parts. It’s a simple matter of going online, doing the Google search, and finding the right part to fit your needs.  But what is missing is the human component in that transaction, and we still live in a world where friendly and helpful personal service is important.  Look for a salvage yard where the staff act happy to see you and who make the extra effort to provide you with what you want.

Reputation among the auto scrap yard community

This is important and should not be ignored.  Good companies weather tough economic times and come out unscathed, and they do so because they sell a good product at a fair price, and they carry a reputation for outstanding, high-quality service. All Import Auto Parts has been in business for over three decades. It is a family owned and operated business, and its reputation speaks for itself. Find a company like All Import Auto Parts in your area and know you have found one you can trust.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Finding used auto parts is not hard. Finding used auto parts at a good price, parts you can feel good about, is a bit tougher. Finding a salvage yard which will work with you to provide the best sales experience possible, that is tougher yet. All Import Auto Parts is the place to go for great product, great prices, and outstanding customer service.