This article is for anyone looking for car salvage yards near me online.  There is very little you can learn about salvage yards ands wrecking yards by doing an online search, so we have compiled a short list of things you should look for before choosing one for your needs.

We are All Import Auto Parts, a trusted name in used car parts, and used truck parts, in the Fort Worth area. For thirty years we have delivered on our promise to provide the very best in used car parts. Call us and tell us what you need.

Now, what to look for in car salvage yards in your area.

Everyone wants to talk price

When you are talking about wrecking yards, you are talking about used car parts at a discounted price.  That is the main reason people shop at salvage yards . . . to save money! The industry standard, covering about 60,000 salvage yards across the U.S., is savings of about 40%.  Please note that is an average figure. It may vary from part to part, and it will vary from salvage yard to salvage yard, but as a point of reference, consider 40% savings to be the norm.

But everyone should also want assurances

The discounted price means you are purchasing car parts which are used.  How used is an unanswerable question, one which depends on a variety of factors.  A used fuel pump on a 2015 Honda could have more miles of use on it than one from a 2005 Honda, so “used” simply depends on the amount of mileage it actually has seen.

All Import Auto Parts offers a 90-day warranty with every part we sell. That is an industry-high standard of assurance and, quite frankly, it is a standard you should expect from any salvage yard you frequent.

And everyone should also want quick availability

What if the salvage yard you shop at does not have the specific car part you need?  If they are “in the system,” they should be able to find any part and have it shipped from another salvage yard somewhere in the U.S.  That’s what happens at All Import Auto Parts. If we do not have what you want, we find it and we have it shipped to our facility. The whole process takes two days, maybe three, and you should expect the same answer from any salvage yard you shop at.

It’s all about a trustworthy track record at car salvage yards near me

The bottom line is this: shop for a reliable track record.  Find a place other people trust, and once you’ve found that place, stick with them.  Over the long run, a reliable salvage yard will save you thousands of dollars, and they will stand behind their product time and time again.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Over thirty years serving the great people of Fort Worth, Texas . . . that’s our track record at All Import Auto Parts, family owned and operated, a trusted name in the Fort Worth community. Call us and tell us what you need. If we don’t have it we by God will get it for you, quickly and at a price you can afford.