used auto parts

If you are doing a Google search for “salvage near me,” rest assured that there are over 56,000 certified salvage yards in the U.S., and that number will increase as the DIY movement continues to grow, and as the economy continues to stumble along.  Trust us when we tell you it is not a problem finding certified wrecking yards near any major population center.

We should know. We are All Import Auto Parts, and we have been serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years. Call us for all of your used car parts and used truck parts needs.  We will get you back on the road, for less money, than any new car parts retail establishment. Saving money is what we are all about.

For those reading this who are unfamiliar with how salvage yards work, this article is for you.

What you will find at salvage yards

Simply stated, you will find replacement auto parts, and replacement truck parts, slightly used, at all salvage yards in the U.S.

But wait, we hear you saying! How is it possible that any salvage yard could have replacement parts for all cars and trucks? There is only limited space at any salvage yard. It would be physically impossible for one retail location to have that much inventory.  And that statement is true, it would be physically impossible, but it is not impossible if you combine all 56,000 salvage yards and all of their inventories.

At All Import Auto Parts, we used a parts locator to find what you need.  If we do not have a fuel pump for a 2000 Nissan Altima, we find it at another salvage yard, and we have that fuel pump shipped to our location.  It really is that simple.  Shipment will usually happen within a two or three day window, if we don’t have the part you need at our salvage yard location.

What you can plan on paying for salvage auto parts

Industry standard, you can plan on saving about 40% on used auto parts, and if you have done any research at all, you know that a 40% savings can be considerable when talking about used auto parts.

Are used auto parts reliable? We give a 90-day warranty on any part we sell at All Import Auto Parts, and we test every part before we sell it.  Couple that with the savings and it is easy to see why salvage yards are becoming increasingly popular.

Are you capable of doing auto repair work yourself?

And what if you know absolutely nothing about auto repair?  What then?

Go to YouTube for the answer to that question. We are not being overly-optimistic when we say that easily 75% of car repairs can be done by the auto owners if they don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  If you have some basic tools, and the desire to save money, you too can join the DIY movement and not go broke keeping your vehicle in good running condition.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

There is a very good reason why All Import Auto Parts has been in business for over three decades, and that reason is called customer service. We treat our customers with respect, with a smile, and our reputation is important to us. Call us and find out what Texas-friendly looks like. We will find what you need for a price you can afford.