should you buy used auto parts from a private party

The topic of pull a part pricing is raised from time to time, as is the topic of “pull a part” vs today’s common salvage yards, so in this article we are going to clarify these topics and hopefully make it easier for you to understand the world of wrecking yards/salvage yards, and thus point out how they can benefit you.

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What does pull a part mean in “pull a part pricing?”

Pull a part, or pick a part, or you pull a part, all refer to the way salvage yards were once operated. The customer would come to the salvage yard, tools in hand, and they would walk along the rows of wrecked cars, looking for a part they need. If they found what they needed, they would then pull a part from a car, pay a discounted price for it, and be on their way.

Most salvage yards today are not pull a part salvage yards, and insurance liability is the reason for that. Too many ways for a customer to get injured while pulling parts from junked heaps. Today the salvage yards are smaller and computerized. They carry fast-selling items which most car owners would need; other specialty items are found, online, and shipped to the local establishment.

How consistent is pull a part pricing?

The quick answer is this: not consistent at all!  There is no regulatory agency which standardizes pricing in salvage yards. The only way prices remain somewhat consistent is through the laws of supply and demand.  In a town with several salvage yards, it would behoove the management of those yards to keep prices close to the prices of competitors, or suffer the consequences of high pricing.

An industry average is about a 40% discount when purchasing used auto parts as opposed to new auto parts, but please note we said “industry average” and not standard procedure.

Is there an advantage to “pull a part” vs a regular salvage yard?

Truthfully, no there is not.  If there is any added savings by pulling a part on your own, it is negligible considering the hassle of pulling the part and the possibility of being injured while doing it.  In our opinion, it simply is not worth the risk, the minimal savings, or the time spent pulling the part.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

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