salvage yards near me you can trust

What is a truck junkyard?  Is it just a place where old trucks go to die?  Of is it a place where old, and newer, non-operational trucks go to be dismantled, sold off piece by piece, to customers looking for a great price on used truck parts?

It is our contention, and opinion, that truck junkyards, in America today, are many things but, what they are not, are yards where junk is stored.  They are a viable option for the DIY crowd, a great place to save money and to help the environment in the process.

We are All Import Auto Parts, the absolute best of the best salvage yards in the Fort Worth area, and we are about to share with you the best reasons why you should visit your local “truck junkyard.”

Wrecking yards are all about saving money

If you are a DIY kind of person, and you are interested in saving money (who isn’t?), then visiting a few wrecking yards for good deals on used auto parts, and used truck parts, should be a part of your routine.

Why pay $75 per hour for mechanic labor? Why pay top inflated dollar for new car parts?

And, for those out there who think it is just too complicated, working on cars, we say this to you: if you have the internet, and you have access to YouTube, you can, literally, learn how to do 75%-90% of all car repairs yourself.  Yes, you will need the appropriate tools, but what you invest in tools will be counterbalanced by what you save in car repair bills, and the tools will be a long-term investment which just keep on giving back to you.

Consider this: on average, salvage auto parts cost 40% less than new car parts.

Salvage yards are all about convenience

Visit your local salvage yard online. Fill out the “search” link for the part you want.  The salvage yard will do the rest.  If the part you want is not at the salvage yard, they will find it at another salvage yard and have it shipped to you.  It’s like ordering used car parts on Amazon. It is that easy, and with over 60,000 salvage yards in the U.S. alone, chances are excellent that no matter what you need, it can be found.

Truck junkyards are all about helping the environment

Every used car part purchased means a new one which does not have to be produced. That means less mining for new minerals. That means less energy for the production of new parts.  It literally means thousands of tons of raw materials not needed.

If you are into recycling, and who isn’t these days, and you are into saving money, and who isn’t these days, then a truck junkyard is the logical destination for you.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, this family owned and operated Fort Worth salvage yard has served the fine people of Fort Worth with distinction and friendly service. Call us if we can be of service to you.  No matter what you need in used truck parts, we have it at All Import Auto Parts.