salvage auto parts

If you are someone who has always bought factory-direct auto parts, you may wonder why anyone would purchase salvage auto parts, otherwise known as used auto parts.

We will answer that question in this article, we being All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding used car parts and used truck parts. Call us today and find out what a great value used auto parts offer.

What are salvage auto parts?

Most of us who are a certain age probably went to salvage yards with our fathers at some point during our childhood. There we would see hundreds of wrecked and inoperable vehicles, and men picking through them in search of the used auto parts needed to fix their own vehicles.

That basic business model still applies today in modern salvage yards.  Vehicles are on the lot, usually the most popular of vehicles, and parts are extracted from them as needed.  If the part needed is not at that salvage yard, it is simply a matter of typing the part name into a special salvage yard app, and finding the part needed at some other salvage yard.  It is a system which has been in place ever since cars were invented, and there is no reason to believe it will end anytime soon.

Talking value with salvage auto parts.

So, why would someone take this path regarding auto repair? The answer to that question is in the savings.

Salvage auto parts are usually discounted about 40%, the industry standard.  Let’s take an example. Say someone needs a new set of tires.  Go to a Goodyear retail outlet, and you are easily looking at $100 per tire, and that is a low estimate. Go to a salvage yard, and you are saving $40 per tire, or $160 in savings for a set of four.

Take another typical purchase. Say you need a muffler for your Ford F-150.  The average cost for an exhaust muffler, for a Ford F-150, is about $400, with labor costs running close to another $100, totaling about $500.  Take the 40% discount by buying used, and you are saving$160 on parts, and another $100 by doing the labor yourself, for a total savings of $260.

Warranty plus affordability equals money saved

Are these exaggerated figures? Certainly not, and they will be larger savings in the future as the price of metals and labor increase, which you know they will.  With savings like that, it is easy to understand why more people are going the DIY route and doing repairs themselves.

But, what about warranties on used auto parts? Place like our own All Import Auto Parts definitely offer warranties on all parts sold. Our warranty is 90-days, which is an industry-best in the Fort Worth area.

Savings plus peace-of-mind . . . suddenly, salvage auto parts seem like a very good value, right?

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts has been serving the good people of Fort Worth for over thirty years now, and that kind of longevity in business speaks volumes for our customer service and quality products. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we will show you why we have remained the industry leader for so long.