Salvage Parts For Import Cars
When an import car is damaged, the insurance company sometimes declares the automobile a total loss. This occurs when the cost of repairing the vehicle, rental car reimbursement plus the salvage value is greater than the actual cash value of the damaged car. At that point the insurance pays the car owner and then the wrecked car is sold to a salvage yard.
Salvage cars can also be cars that were recovered from theft, fire damaged autos, weather damaged cars and vandalized vehicles that were written off by the insurance companies. Automobiles recovered from theft can have no damage and be in near perfect condition.
Salvaged cars make great project cars for those that like to rebuild and repair cars. They also are a great source for used auto parts.
Salvage yards also are called junkyards and auto recycle yards. They purchase the salvaged cars from auctions or individuals that want to sell the car. The salvage yard dismantles the vehicle and inventories the salvage parts. Many of the parts are like new and are a less expensive replacement part.
Classic car owners often have a difficult time locating car parts for their vehicles. Junkyards are the best source for classic car parts.

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