Japanese import cars include economical cars as well as luxury autos. Searching for a car part for your Japanese import? Below are some of the more popular import brands we carry. Don’t see your make listed? No problem, just call or email us. Our large computerized inventory can help us located a salvage car part for you.

75,000th Nissan LEAF Sells in United States

It started, of course, with the Toyota Prius:  America’s slow turn towards energy-efficient automobiles.  The Prius has been wildly popular, so it only stands to reason that other automakers would jump on that bandwagon, and one who jumped and made a huge splash is Nissan with their Nissan LEAF.

Mazda Shows Increased Sales in February 2015

For some car manufacturers, 2015 has started out slowly in sales, but for others, like Mazda North American, the year 2015 looks to be every bit as successful as 2014 was, if not more so. Mazda North American reported that February, 2015, was the best February for sales since 2012 with an increase of 5.4…

Scion Promises Three New Vehicles for 2015

What is a Scion? It’s a valid question, and if you don’t know the answer you can easily be forgiven. The Scion is the newest brand on the automotive market, and it is a member of the Toyota family of vehicles, which means it began in 2004 with the Toyota promise of great quality and…