Are you looking for auto dismantlers? Look no further than your local salvage yards, and in the Fort Worth Metro area, look no further than All Import Auto Parts, a trusted name for over three decades. Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.

What is an auto dismantler?

Automobile and truck dismantlers salvage fluids, tires and other parts from unusable vehicles, such as those that have been abandoned, involved in accidents, or simply worn out (“end of life” vehicles). These recycled fluids, tires and other used car parts are sold directly to consumers, retailers or wholesalers.

These are called salvage car parts, usually sold in salvage yards. The parts are pulled from the car or truck bodies as they are ordered by customers. There are also “you pick them” salvage yards where the customers come to the salvage yard in search of parts, bring their tools with them, and do the labor themselves, usually for a discounted price.

What about the parts which can’t be sold?

The used car parts which can’t be sold, or simply are not sold because there is no demand for them, are then recycled and used in the manufacture of new car and used truck parts.  This is great for the environment because it means less mining for natural resources, and it also means less energy used in the production of those new parts.

It is estimated that only 5% of any vehicle cannot be used in the recycling process, so this is a rather complete and thorough process.

Can you find good deals in salvage yards?

The industry average savings on used auto parts is 40%. Of course, that may vary from part to part and from city to city, but the industry standard, in the United States, hovers around that 40% savings level.  During tough economic times, like we have experienced in 2020 and 2021, a 40% savings is huge for those on tight budgets who need their vehicle to get to and from work, and thus the health of the salvage yard industry is strong.

Are salvaged auto parts reliable?

They are as reliable as any “used” item you might buy, and reputable salvage yards give a warranty on all part. All Import Auto Parts tests every part before it is sold, and we give a 90-day warranty on every part sold. That is the kind of guarantee you should look for when shopping at salvage yards.  No, you are not purchasing new parts with a 100,000 life guarantee, but you can find good warranties out there if you call around.  At All Import Auto Parts, we understand how tight money is right now, and we do our best to make sure you get a car part which will serve you well for quite a few miles.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Thirty years!  For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has been a trusted name in the salvage yard business in the Fort Worth area. We are family owned and operated, and we have a reputation for friendly service and high-quality used parts. Give us a call and let’s get you back on the road.