The term “auto junkyards” is such a misnomer.  Auto Junkyards, otherwise known as salvage yards, or wrecking yards, are anything but a graveyard for junk. They are, in fact, a bonanza for anyone looking for great value on used auto parts or used truck parts.

Read on and find out why!

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How can you call this junk?

Let’s say goodbye to the word “junk” once and for all.  Just because a vehicle is not running does not mean all of its parts are not functioning.  A 2018 Toyota Camry, fresh from a bad car wreck and “totaled” according to the insurance company because of extensive body damage, still has dozens of perfectly working parts.  A car wreck would not damage the fuel pump. A car wreck would not damage a carburetor, and a car wreck most likely would not damage the transmission. All of those parts, and more, and great options should you need a fuel pump, carburetor, or transmission for your Toyota Camry, and that is the whole purpose of salvage yards.  We salvage, or save, usable parts, and resell them to people who are looking for savings on used Toyota parts.

There’s nothing junky about that transaction.  And speaking of savings . . .

Savings, savings, and more savings

How does a 40% savings sound to you? That’s the national average of savings found at salvage yards.  That kind of discounted price can literally means hundreds of dollars, especially on big-ticket items like an engine or a transmission, or hundreds of dollars over the span of a few years as you need various parts to keep your car functioning properly.

But, can you trust used car parts? We are asked that question often, and to answer it we, at All Import Auto Parts, give a 90-day warranty on every single used car part we sell.  So, 40% savings plus a guarantee . . . no, not junk at all!

The environment says thank you

How do you make a car part? You mine for metals, you forge those metals into the proper shape, all of which requires energy, and you then sell that part.  But when you purchase used parts from salvage yards, no mining is required, and no use of energy happens.  And when all serviceable parts are sold, the remainder of the vehicle is recycled and the metals are used to make new car parts.  It’s a win-win for the environment, a win-win for you, and a win-win for the salvage yard owners.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has been THE trusted name in Fort Worth salvage yards. We are family owned and operated. We are a trusted member of the business community, and obviously we are a trusted business to the residents of Fort Worth. Call us for all of your used car parts needs, and please, do us a favor: don’t ever refer to us as an auto junkyard.  We have feelings too!