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If you are a car collector, we have a tip for you: a car scrap yard is the easiest, and most likely least expensive, place for you to find used car parts for that classic you are working on.

Details to follow. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality and inexpensive used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us for all of your replacement parts needs.

And, if you are a car collector, we suggest you keep reading.

A car scrap yard has access to all makes and models.

Whether you have a Model T in your driveway, or a ’69 Camaro, one thing is for certain: your options for finding replacement parts for that classic automobile are fewer than if you owned a newer vehicle, especially if you want to replace parts with original parts.  After all, how many functioning ’43 Hudsons are still out there operating? How can you ever find a fuel pump for a ’60 Edsel?

We are not suggesting that all salvage yards have parts for every make and model of car ever made. That would require a huge wrecking yard, larger than any wrecking yards in existence. Not even our own All Import Auto Parts has that many used parts on our lot.

We are suggesting, though, that first-rate salvage yards have computer apps which give them access to the inventories of almost all salvage yards in the U.S., and oftentimes even salvage yards abroad.  If the original part exists in the civilized world, a quality salvage yard owner can find it with the click of a computer mouse.

A car scrap yard will save you money.

And once that part is found, you are going to save money.  Salvage yard discounts average around 40%, and those kinds of savings add up very quickly for a car collector looking for original parts.

But what about reliability?  How can you trust a fuel pump from a ’60 Edsel that has been sitting for years, inoperative?  Salvage yards like our own All Import Auto Parts offer a warranty.  Our warranty is ninety days for every part sold, and we test all of our parts to make sure they are operating properly before we sell them to you.

Roll up your sleeves and save money.

And here is our final tip which will save you money: do the labor yourself rather than hire it out.  Yes, we know, many of you do not feel comfortable doing car repair, but in the Age of YouTube, that excuse simply is not valid.  Short of replacing an engine or transmission, most car repairs can be done by inexperienced car owners.  If you can follow video instructions, and if you have basic tools, you can save thousands of dollars by rolling up those sleeves and diving into car repair.

So, there you have it. Visit your local car scrap yard and see for yourself what a treasure chest it is for a car collector.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has led the way in the way in the Fort Worth area. With longevity like that, you just know we are good at what we do. Call us today for all of your auto repair needs.