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It’s not that we have anything against used auto parts stores.  It’s just that we believe there is a better way to purchase used auto parts, and in this article, we will make an argument for that better way.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area for over thirty years. Call us for all of your used car parts and used truck parts needs.  We aim to please, and for thirty years we have been doing exactly that for the fine people of Fort Worth.

And now, our argument against used auto parts stores.

It boils down to a matter of trust

Unless you live in a large metropolitan area, used auto parts stores are hard to come by.  Most exist only online.  That process goes something like this: you locate, online, a used auto parts store.  You use the “parts locator” tool, type in what you need, the part you need is ordered, and in a few days it is shipped to your location.  It is, for sure, an efficient system, but it is also a totally impersonal one.  This type of business model should be familiar to almost all shoppers. It is the business model perfected by Amazon.  It is quick, it is efficient, and it completely eliminates the human factor from the transaction.

Go ahead, name one person who works at Amazon.  We don’t think you can.  And that, in our opinion, is the problem with online used auto parts stores.  There is no human accountability to any transaction.

Of course, an argument could be made that salvage yards, which we are, are actually used auto parts stores, and in that case, we are big supporters.

We believe trust is earned locally

Call us old-fashioned, but at All Import Auto Parts, we believe the human factor is vitally important. We believe it is that human factor which breeds trust.  Our customers come into our place of business. They know the employees. They have built a relationship with us over the years. They know we stand behind our used car parts. They know we will give them a fair price and a warranty on every part we sell, and they now that if there is a problem, we will take care of that problem immediately.

We believe trust can be warranted

And why do our customers have such a high level of trust in us?  Because we have stood for integrity for over three decades.  We are Texas born and raised, and Texans take care of fellow Texans. That isn’t some fancy business motto; it’s a Texas promise!  We would not have lasted three years in this business, let alone thirty, if we did not have the trust of our customers.  Period! End of discussion.

Go ahead, name one employee at Amazon.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

Listen, we have nothing against Amazon.  We, in fact, have used their services any number of times for lawn furniture and kitchen implements and tools.  But when it comes down to the efficiency, and safety, of our car or truck, don’t you think you would like to know the person you are buying from? Don’t you want that high level of trust, which can only be found at salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts?

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